Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Podcast Bids Farewell

As I have said here before, it makes me profoundly sad when a podcast just stops producing, or "podfades." So whenever a show has an official final episode, and wraps up its run in a planned manner, I like to "shout out" to that show and host.

Recently, Stephanie Weak (now Zimmer) wrapped her 80-episode run of From Darkness to Light, her personal journal podcast about healing, accepting love and learning to live life to the full. It is an inspiring podcast, and Stephanie is vulnerable and honest in relaying the aspects of her journey. Recently married, she decided that she had told enough of her story, and stopped producing the podcast.

Each of the 6-10 minute episodes discusses a specific aspect of Stephanie's journey. She talks about her past of abuse, aspects of her job, various spiritual retreats and practices she has done to aid her progress. She even spends a few episodes talking about what she learned from certain TV shows.

The episodes are all available on iTunes and from the show's website. Check them out.

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