Thursday, October 24, 2013

Walking Dead, 61-72

The Walking Dead, issues 61-72, by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard.

The crew is heading to Washington, but it turns out not for the reason we think. Eugene is not the high-powered scientist he had earlier portrayed himself as. The plot point about changes in zombie behavior that intrigued me in the prior batch of episodes is dropped here, but I do hope it gets picked up at a later point.
The surviviors run across a group of hunters, who are also cannibals, and they kidnap Dale. Between having a leg severed and being bitten by a roamer, he dies and Andrea is totally wrecked. They take refuge for a few issues in a church, and we find a nuanced but not sympathetic character in Father Gabriel Jones. There is one memorable conversation about faith before and after the zombie apocalypse.
They make it to a safe community, and things look good. Maybe things look too good?  Douglas, The leader of the group is not a self-styled politician a la The Governor, but an actual former elected official, a House member from Ohio. So far we have not seen any of the craziness in Douglas or this community, and I assume that Robert Kirkman is not going to give us a carbon copy of Woodbury. But I have learned from priorissues of the Walking Dead is that as soon as things look like they are going well, they will turn very wrong.
Along the way, Carl kills a child (again), because that child had killed another child. Rick is still a bit out of his mind, talking on the phone in issue 61, and his paranoia is definitely showing in issues 71 & 72. I am predicting that Rick and the group self-sabotages their own good thing, but only time will tell.

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