Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book #51. Callahan's Legacy

reCallahan's Legacy, by Spider Robinson.

I have read the prior volumes in Robinson's Callahan series. This series started out as a collection of short stories, and as each volume has passed, each book more closely resembles a trasitinal novel that the one before. From an authorial perspective, this is an accomplishment worth noting.

This book had a familiar feel to it from some of the prior books i the series. The crew at the bar has to save the world from its coming destruction through the power of loving friendship. And the near-telepathic connection that arises from the power of loving friendship. And they tell stories along the way to keep each other calm, each usually ending in horrible puns.

Oh. And a baby is born.

There is a nice and pleasant aspect to the familiarity here, characters and settings that are warm and welcoming. But I would prefer the plots to not be som familiar, and for the science fiction aspects to be more prominent that they sometimes are.