Friday, October 18, 2013

Book #52. Invasion

Invasion, by Jon S Lewis.

High school student Colt McAllister’s life radically changes when his parents are killed by a drunk driver. He finds information about a major story his journalist mother was working on, an expose on the mind control program run by the mega-large Trident Industries. An informant tells Colt that his parents were actually murdered, and then Colt becomes a target, as well.

In a world where aliens have appeared, and the gateways between worlds are protected by a secretive government agency called CHAOS, anything is possible.

Colt moves in with his grandfather in Arizona, far away from the San Diego beaches he loves. Finding new friends and allies, and some startling secrets about his grandfather's past actions as a CHAOS agent in World War II, Colt finds himself in a position to save the world.

There are two positive distinctives about this novel. The relationsips between Colt and his buddy Oz, their friend Danielle, and the cute girl that Colt likes (Lily) are all well-drawn. Lewis does a good job giving them all beleivable dialogue and motivations, which are critical in a novel with an out-of-this-world premise and over-the-top action.

Lewis also brings in a pulp-era feel, which is fun. The CHAOS agency was created in the early 1940s, and many of the flashbacks (some of the current adventures) involves jet packs and similarly old-fashioned technology.

This particular volume has an ending, but clearly leads into the next volume, which I have put on my to-read list.

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