Saturday, June 22, 2013


Podcasts + people with British accents = fun listening, what what?

Here are brief reviews of some of may favorite podcasts that come from over the pond.  Enjoy your fish and chips, maybe grab a scone, and listen to these fine funny-sounding shows!

The Fantasticast -- One of my favorite shows ever, mostly because they had me on as a guest, to talk about the awesomeness that is Doctor Doom. Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland do a great job hosting this show.

20-Minute Longbox -- This is Steve Lacey's solo show, a random jaunt through his comic-book collection. I talked about the show here.

Hey Kids, Comics! -- This is Andy Leyland's other show, hosted with his son Micheal. They talk about comic books, and have done a lot of Batman issues, but also have covered Preacher, Spider-Man, the New 52 and Marvel Now, and even some TV show. The recently moved to the ever-expanding Two True Freaks network.

Moving away from shows that feature Steve and/or Andy, we have:

Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour -- She puts a "u" in parlor, so you know she's British! This is a monthly podcast, where Stacey and a guest (no repeats through the first 15 episodes) talk about comic books, music, movies, and TV shows. And enjoy cakes and tea.  

Chequered Flag Podcast -- They spell "checkered" funny, so you know they're British! This is a BBC production, hosted by Jennie Gow (although the BBC website spells is "Jenny" at least once). They release shows around the Formual One racing schedule, with a preview show released a few days before the race, and a wrap-up show a few days after the race.

Babble-On Podcast -- I wrote about this excellent Babylon 5 rewatch show before, and I still am enjoying it!

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