Monday, June 24, 2013

A Fond Farewell

As I have written before, the bane of my life as a podcast fan is pod-fading ... when a show just disappears without a final show, it just ... fades away. But when a podcast wraps its run up with an official finale, with an offical "goodbye," I feel like I should point out the show and thank the hosts for actually bringing their show to an end.

The New 52 Adventures of Superman recently released episode #45, the show's final episode. The hosts announced this well in advance, giving their listeners a chance to send emails, and for them to reflect on the entire run of comic book issues that they covered. This allowed for them to release a three-hour final episode that felt like a final episode should feel like. It was a good show, and a great last episode.

Hosts J David Weter and Jon Wilson have other shows that they host, so their podcasting careers will continue. But they did a great job taking on this latest iteration of Superman and the other "super-books" -- my own desire to read Supergirl and World's Finest was spurred on by this podcast, and their enthusiasm for those titles.

I recommend their catalog of episodes for anyone interested in this latest iteration of the Man of Steel and related comics.

Good job, fellas.

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