Sunday, February 13, 2011

Couple Casts

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to focus on a particular sub-genre of podcasting, the couple-cast, husbands and wives podcasting together. As a husband with a wife, I appreciate hearing other couples bicker, it mkaes me feel better. No, that's not totally true. Anyway, here are the ones that I have heard, and enjoy.

The Jen and DAVe Show A show featuring David & Jennifer Avila, podcasting veterans from California who really know what they are doing. My favorite segments (although they should be more regular) include "Tech Talk with Jen" and the "Music Lyric Game," as well as making fun of their other podcasting friends. A truly fun and funny experience. My wife and I are both fans. Random and wacky.

Pete + Janet This is a new show from podcast veterans Just Pete and NASA Janet. Just Pete hosts the terrific alternative Christian music cast The Bored-Again Christian, and NASA Janet has done a bunch of things on the Webs, as well. This is a nice low-key show, just two interesting people talking about their lives in the American Midwest, their kids, their jobs, their friends, their hobbies, etc ...

Explicit Answers This is another show from James & Jenn Kennison, who previously co-hosted the fun Geek Loves Nerd podcast, among many, many others. This one takes on a quesion-and-answer format, with the married hosts answering listener questions about relationships, job stuff, church stuff, family & friends stuff, and most other things.

Family from the Heart This one has fallen off my list personally, but for no reason relating to the quality of the show. It is very solid, honest and transparent. Cliff & Stephanie co-host the show, talking about their lives as full-time podcasters, their 3 kids, and a range of parenting topics. They have also been able to snag some impressive interviews over the years.

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