Friday, February 25, 2011

Book #13

Innocent, by Scott Turow. Unabridged audio.

A 20-year later sequel to Turow's breakthrough Presumed Innocent, this new novel finds Rusty Sabich on trial again for the death of a woman. And again, his nemesis is Tommy Molto. Turow does a nice job of aging the characters from the first novel, leaving their core personalities in tact, yet implying two decades of life experiences and world-weariness. The character development of Sabich and Molto was a strength of the novel.

I found the POV chapters from Rusty's son slowed the momentum of the story in the first hundred pages or so, but like most legal thrillers, once the action moves to the courtroom, my attention was fully engaged.

The whodunit aspect of the story is very well-done, as Turow leads you to believe a number of scenarios along the way, but the revelation of the truth in the last chapter was a surprise to me.

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