Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Books 10 & 11

In taking a quick look at what I had read so far this year, and what is coming up, I noted how little I have read so far from the religious/spiritual/Christian category. The year has just started, so it is still a small sample size, but it was a trend that I noticed.

Last year, more than a third of the fiction I read, and nearly two-thirds of the nonfiction, fell into these categories. The year before the stats weren't quite that high, but well over 20% of my total reading. And no, Christian fiction is not usually the greatest stuff in the world, but I pay attention to the genre and usually find enough to spark my interest.

I try to not think too far ahead in my reading plans, I like to let serendipity happen, just see what books are available at the library when I wander in. But I am gong to make a point of looking in that section the next time I'm short of books, and see what I can find.

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