Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Babylon 5 Podcast Bites the Dust

In a prior post, I eulogized the Babylon Podcast, a podcast that discussed J Michael Straczynski’s groundbreaking television show Babylon 5. It is one of my absolute favorite television shows, and I loved reliving it through the podcast. And a few months after it was over, and I got the urge to think more about Babylon 5, I started looking for another re-watch podcast.

This was another great podcast, because hosts Matt & Gillian tailored the show for both newbies finding B5 for the first time, and for veterans like myself who’ve seen it and thought about it quite a bit already. By dividing their episode discussions into “sections,” they keep from “spoiling forward,” which for a show like Babylon 5, could be a real problem.

Each podcast episode covers two TV episodes, making for very long (often nearing or passing 3 hours) episodes. But again, the “sections” that they divide the show into make it easier to listen to each show in smaller slices of time. Along with interview episodes with series creator J Michael Straczynski, a few holiday specials, and reviewing the TV movies that accompanied the series, this podcast ran for 65 episodes.
The Babble On Project is still on iTunes, and I recommend the podcast to any fan of Babylon 5 who is planning a re-watch of the series any time soon. The hosts do a great job, and the running jokes that develop over the course of the Project are enjoyable, as is getting to know the group of fans who send in feedback.

The hosts mentioned that they may return to podcasting at some point, either individually or as a team. But after the effort and energy they out into this show, I think it’s fair to give them plenty of time off. They did an excellent job.

And now that Babble On Project podcast is over? Well, I am thinking about checking out the Down Below Podcast …


  1. Are you familiar with "The Audio Guide to Babylon 5"? They're doing a rewatch right now, and are about a quarter of the way into season 2. It's produced by Chip of "2 Minute Time Lord" and his wife Shannon, and Erika Ensign of the "Verity!" podcast. Very smart and lots of fun - you might want to give it a try, as well.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out!

  2. There is one that I started listening in the beginning, no pun intended, but haven't checked in in a long while called Jumpgate. At least when they started they did a nice "what's going on in sci-fi/genre TV at the time the episodes were airing" feature as well as the rewatch of the episode.