Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Podcast Marathon

Summer vacation + Not much TV to watch = Lots of time to listen to podcasts. Here is what I listened to on Monday:

No Agenda #734 - Media analysts John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry talked about the President's eulogy in South Carolina, international relations, and the sorry state of US cyber-security.

Satellite Sisters, 6/28 - Lian, Sheila, and Liz Dolan talked about the Paris taxi strike, recent SCOTUS decisions, and making up with a dry cleaner.

Secret Origins #5 - Host Ryan Daly and guest host Siskoid talked about issue #5 of the Secret Origins podcast, which tells the origin story of the Crimson Avenger.

Writing Excuses, season 10, episode 26 - This is the halfway point of the podcast's "Master Class" for 2015. In this episode, they answered listener questions about writing topics, such as "show don't tell" and writing scenes. 

The Mighty Thorcast #123 - Chef Teri and her co-host Ed talked about The Mighty Thor 316 from 1982, as well as the new issues of Thors and Angela Witch Hunter. 

The Tony Kornheiser Show - Monday's episode included guests Michael Wilbon and Howard Fineman, talking about sporting events and world news from the weekend.

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