Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review of Carnal Curiosity

Book # 53. Carnal Curiosity, by Stuart Woods. Unabridged audio.

I have noted in prior reviews that some of the last dozen or so of Woods’ novels have been clunkers, and the overall plotes have been a bit repetitive. Perhaps that’s the necessary side effect of producing two books a year. That said, this one was different enough from the prior books to be quite enjoyable.

This novel revolves around insurance fraud and art theft. And Stone Barrington is one of the victims. Twice victimized, as a matter of fact. The plot itself is well-constructed, and the new characters introduced in this book are interesting. Of course, almost all of the females in the novel sleep with Stone, except for the one that the gossip columns infer. That was a nice humorous touch. The revelation of the plot and the plotters, and the details of their capture are exciting and dramatic.

A subplot involving the First Lady running for her husband’s job is pushed forward, as is discussion of Dino’s future career plans. This is the strength of Woods’ novels, the idea that they all take place in a single, coherent world, where actions in prior novels have consequences in future novels. Other novelists would do well to copy this trait.

As always, narrator Tony Roberts turns in a great performance reading the book.

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