Saturday, December 6, 2014

Podcasting Update -- Emily!

My Shortbox Showcase co-host (and my daughter) had the opportunity to guest on some podcast episodes recently. As the host of her solo show Uncovering the Bronze Age, the Fantasticast hosts thought she would be a god guest as their coverage of Fantastic Four comics moves into the 1970s.

On episode 108, they talked about FF #94, in which the young Richards boy gets a name (Franklin Benjamin) and a new babysitter (the witch Agatha Harkness). They also fight their old enemies, the Frightful Four. It is a fun issue, and a fun episode.

On episode 109, they talked about FF #95, they talk about the not very frightening villain The Monocle. The story included intrigue and assassination attempts and lots of things that should make for an exciting comic book issue. But it does not. Fortunately, the conversation about the issue on the podcast episode is much better than the issue itself.

Emily also made an appearance on episode 117 of The Book Guys Show. She joined me, Paul the Book Guy, and Sir Jimmy Goots to talk books and comic books. We were joined by Manfred J. von Vulte, author of Comic Books And Other Hooks: 21st Century Education. His book is about how educators can use comic books to battle illiteracy.

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