Monday, December 15, 2014

Batman Year: The Podcasts

For this 75th anniversary of Batman's debut, we covered a number of topics related to the Caped Crusader, here on the blog and on podcasts. Here is a summary of the podcasts we've done this year.

Quarter-Bin Podcast #14. My first solo podcast of the year, covering the first part of the "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" storyline, as presented in the 2002 comic "Batman: THe Ten-Cent Adventure."

Quarter-Bin Podcast #25. In this episode I talked about a one-off story called "Mercy," from episode 37 of Legends of the Dark Knight, an issue from 1992.

Quarter-Bin Podcast #32. I covered another story from 1992, from issue 6 of Shadow of the Bat..

Quarter-Bin Podcast #39. In this episode, I talked about a 1992 reprint of a 1964 story, which introduced a "new look" Batman that included the yellow oval on the chest.

Shortbox Showcase #14. In this episode, Emily and I talked about the very first Batman (then Bat-Man) story ever, in Detective Comics #27, from 1939.

Shortbox Showcase #20. Emily & I talked about the first appearance of Alfred, in a story from 1943.

One her solo show, Emily talked about the "Super-Sons" of Batman and Superman in Uncovering the Bronze Age #4.

If you are a fan of comics in general, and of Batman in particular, download and enjoy!

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