Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holmes in 2014!

About this time a year ago, I declared that 2013 would be a year for Holmes, for me (and this blog). My intention was to re-read the entire Holmes opus, and dip into other areas of the Holmes Expanded Universe of books, comic books and movies. And I would blog about my experiences here.

Well,I didn't quite get all the way through the corpus, but I did cover some comics, and a few "expansions" and adaptations of the Holmes mythos. So I think it's going to take me another year to totally finish the job. During 2014, I plan to:

* Read and review the last 3 books that I left unread in 2013: His Last Bow, The Valley of Fear, and the Case-Book.

* Read and review the most recent Mary Russell novel.

* Write about the PBS series, and maybe even the BBC one, although plenty of others are doing that.

There are other movies and adaptations that intrigue me, as well. The most interesting possibility for me is that I'm in preliminary discussions with another Holmes fan about potentially doing a podcast on all aspects of the character. I will certainly post more here if that turns into reality.

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