Thursday, May 23, 2013

Podcast Marathon

Summer vacation + not much on the DVR = opportunity to listen to lots of podcasts yesterday!  Here is what I listened to:

Hope of All Trades, Post 221B Convention episode. host Hope Mullinax talks with Heather & Crystal, the organizers of the recent 221B Convention. They talked about the con, and about general Sherlock Holmes topics, including the Doyle works (which I am re-reading this year), the current BBC and previous PBS adaptations, and Elementary.

The Tony Kornheiser Show. Local sports & general chat from Washington, DC.

A Podcast of Ice and Fire, Episode 110: Second Sons. This is the longest-running podcast dedicated to the George RR Martin books, and during the TV season, about the show. This was a discussion of the most recent episode of the show, and the hosts all thought it was better than the one before.

Arsenal Review USA: Post-Newcastle. A pair of Americans chatting about how the end of the season went for the English soccer team. At least we finished ahead of Spurs.

Who True Freaks, episode 4: Sarah Jane. A very nice discussion about Elisabeth Sladen's character, focusing on the "School Reunion" episode of Doctor Who and the "Death of the Doctor" episode of The Sarah jane Adventures.

More Than One Lesson, minisode #14: Tyler and Josh talked about Josh's 8th favorite movie, The Godfather. These minisodes are counting down each host's top 10 movies, in between their longer, standard episodes.

DH Unplugged, #182: Don't Short! Yet. John C. Dvorak and Andrew Horowitz talked about the drop in the vlaue of gold, recent earnings announcements, and how exactly the stock market is staying so high.

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