Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Review #25

The Areas of My Expertise, by John Hodgman. Paperback.

You probably know John Hodgman from portraying "PC" in the "Mac vs. PC" television commercials for Apple Computers. He has also appeared regularly on the The Daily Show, and hosts a very entertaining podcast. And he has written a comprehensive three-volume series of complete world knowledge, in the style of the almanacs of old.

This is the first volume, and considering all of the information it contains, which is approximately one-third of all world known knowledge, it is a pretty quick read. And considering all of the magnificent facts that are conveyed, it is quite funny. The author is able to use his ability to write humorously as a method for instilling a wide range of facts in his readers.

I certainly learned many things, especially from the long section on our 51 states. Other insightful articles include "Nine Presidents Who Had Hooks For Hands," "All Kinds of Squirrels," and "700 Hobo names." The role of hoboes in calling down The Dust Bowl, for example, was completely new to me. 

You should read this book. It is quite humorous, and incredibly informative, sort of.
That is all.

source: purchased from Half-Price Books.

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