Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Guys update!

In the last few weeks, we have put out some good episodes, even the one I wasn't on. Check them out on iTunes or at

Episode 064 -- As a matter of fact, the one I wasn't on was probably the best episode of this batch. Simpsons animator Alex Ruiz joined Paul, Father Robert, & Sir Jimmy to talk about the process of making the Simpsons, and his career. Despite not being on the show, Alex was kind enough to include me in his "Simpsonized" drawing of the cast. That's me in the upper right, with the goatee!

Episode 065 -- All four hosts were joined by the 3 brains behind the Flash Pulp podcast. About three times per week they release a new episode. The stories feature a recurring cast of characters in a mix of short serialized and one-off stories. We also talked a bit about Ready Player One.

Episode 066 --I missed the first segment of this episode, and Father Robert missed the whole show, but despite that, it was a pretty good show! We spoke with Seth Resler of the Find Dining podcast, and about how social media technologies are changing the restaurant world. In books, we talked about The Hunger Games, and about how Audible seems to try really hard to pick the most boring part of their books to present as previews.

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