Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book #8

Book 8. D.C. Dead, by Stuart Woods. Unabridged audio.

Over the last few Stone Barrington novels, author Stuart Woods has not been shy about killing off characters, and D.C. Dead is no exception. Many people die, mostly women, and in some cases, women whose only mistake was to sleep with Stone.
Stone and Dino are called in by President Will Lee to re-open an investigation into the death of a woman who was killed a year before on the White House grounds. Working with CIA agent Holly Barker, they uncover many of Washington's deepest secrets, and run into a woman who will kill anyone she can to keep those secrets, secret.
All of Woods' novels inhabit the same world, but it is nice when all of his main characters are working together in a single novel. The main plot wraps up with an interesting twist, with a suspect that I did not suspect. The ongoing story arc relating to master villain Teddy Fay advances, and I anticipate that it will come to a head in an upcoming book, as does a very tantalizing plot thread from this mystery.
As always, veteran actor and narrator Tony Roberts does a fine job reading the book, maintaining the various voices and appropriate tone throughout.

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