Saturday, November 3, 2012

Walking Dead, issues 25-36.

The key plot development in this series of issues if that we are introduced to the Governor, a man who runs the nearby town of Woodbury.  He is violent and cruel, but has managed to keep his people relatively safe. The man is obviously a villain from the perspective of our heroes, but I like that Kirkman does show that his reign of terror has been effective in its own way. Perhaps this type of "leadership" is what is needed in this horrific new world.

In a horrifying reveal of exactly how crazy the Governor is, we know that we are seeing in the Governor what (the newly disfigured) Rick may become . After escaping from the Governor, Michonne does some unspeakable things to the man with her sword. Upon fleeing, we see that he may indeed be alive after all that. But that won't come back to haunt Rick and the gang, I suppose. {SPOILER: it does}

Kirkman continues to focus on the theme of man's inhumanity to man, that the living may in fact be a more dangerous threat than the undead. This volume contains lots and lots of blood, relatively little of it zombie-related. The act of killing, relentless killing, even of the undead, even to survive, leaves its mark on the soul.

But the strength of this series, what has turned The Walking Dead into a modern classic, is the quiet scenes that serve as a counterpoint to the zombie horror.  Whatever the surroundings, humanity does persevere, and life does goes on. We get some wonderful scenes of life going on, as a baby is ready to come, and a young couple is figuring out how to get married in this terrible new world.

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