Thursday, October 11, 2012

Podcast marathon

I gave my students the day "off" today to study for their Midterm ... meaning all I had to do today was sit around the house with my earbuds in!  Here is what I listened to:

Dvorak Horowitz Unplugged: Probably the best business / investing podcast out there.

Tony Kornheiser Show: A (mostly) sports show based out of Washington, DC.

Superman Fan Podcast, #241: Host Billy Hogan does a grat job covering comics from the Silver Age era. In this episode, he talked about a pair of books from April 1958.

Arsenal Review USA podcast: This is  show dedicated to the English football squad (soccer team) Arsenal. This episode covered the games the team played last week against Olympiakos and West Ham, both 3-1 wins.

The Tolkien Professer: I discovered this excellent show from literature professor Corey Olsen a few months ago, and have started the long process of "catching up." This episode was the 3rd in the "Silmarillion Seminar" sub-series.

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