Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Guys updates -- interviews!

We have done some exciting interviews the last few episodes of the Book Guys podcast. Go to the website or check us out on iTunes:

Episode 53: We talked to author Steve Bergsman about his book The Death of Johnny Ace, a biography of an R&B singer from the very early days of Rock and Roll. I was actually not on this show, but I must admit, I enjoyed listening to it!

Episode 55: We had two interviews in this episode. We spoke with Allen Dusk about his gritty new novel Shady Palms novel, and about his creative process. We also talked with a father-and-son writing team, Brian D. Anderson and Jonathan Anderson, authors of The Godling Chronicles series. They talked about their new fantasy novel, the first in the series, The Sword of Truth. Their second novel is coming out soon, and I think we have them lined up for another interview.

Episode 56: Dan Hampton joined us for a talk about his 20-year career flying F-16s in the USAF. His story is detailed in his memoir Viper Pilot. A review is coming soon to this very blog!

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