Saturday, January 7, 2012

Podcast Marathon

No need to go into the office Friday, along with an empty DVR, means I had a tomn of time to listen to podcasts. Here is what I listened to:

The Adam Carolla Show. This daily "morning-show" styly podcast is usually pretty strong. The guest on thiis episode was the head guy at

From Crisis To Crisis. Mike & Jeff are covering the Doomsday (Death of Superman) arc from 1993, and this episode (#122) covered Superman 75, the death issue itself. A very emotional episode, this 3-hour affair was a terrific episode. I started it yesterday, and knocked it in the. Very enjoyable show.

The Tony Kornheiser Show. News and sports from Washington DC.

Battleship Pretension, episode 222. Yes, I am about 6+ months behind. Very good show, by as they would say it, two guys who think they know more about movies than you.

Tales of the JSA, episode 69. Mike & Scott talk about an issue of All-Star Squadron that touches on the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. They get into the topic a bit, but pull back before too many sparks fly.

Authentic Life Radio, episode 14. Glad that Sarah & Stephanie have gotten back behind the microphones. No particular topic, other than what is going on in the host's lives. Although the Full-Time Mom show continued after Sarah left, I consider this show a "re-boot" of that old OTM format.

Danger Room, episode 17. An X-Men comic book podcast, this one balances just the right amount of affection for these early stories, while also pointing out the incredible inconsistencies and illogic of these early stories.

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