Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Listening Plans

In addition to keeping up with all the podcasts that I listen to regularly, there are a few I need to get caught up on.

In the pop culture space, I am years (literally) behind on Around Comics, and about 7 months behind on Battleship Pretension. The problem with BP is that they are relentless, with co-host David Bax never letting a week go by without a new episode. This is fine and dandy for sure, but there is never a "lull" whereby one can catch up quickly on back episodes. I am also going back into the Two True Freaks feed and picking up various episodes that I did not pick up one I statred listening to their shows.

I am also about 8 months behind on a trio of Christian/devotional shows: The Bible Study Podcast, Bible Study Podcasts (I know those two sound similar, but if you look closely they are not the same), and St. Irenaeus Ministries. I just need to listen to two weeks of these each week, and I will catch up.

There are also a few shows that I have not listened to yet, but plan to start this year. They include My Intercontinental Life and Comics Slumber Party.

That sounds like enough to keep my ears busy.

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