Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Own Podcast Awards!

Since I (1) listen to a lot of podcasts, and (2) have a blog, I believe I am qualified to talk about my favorites podcasts of 2011.

Favorite Overall Podcast
Runners-Up: From Crisis to Crisis, Battleship Pretension
Winner: No Agenda

Best Produced Podcast
Runners-Up: No Agenda, SQPN: The Break
Winner: Spirit Blade Underground, the excellent podcast by Paeter Frandsen, that is an original mix of movie reviews, video game talk, original audio drama, and Bible study.

Best New Podcast of 2011
Runners-Up: Nerdist Writers Panel, The Social Hour, Golden Age Superman
Winner: The Fire and Water Podcast, an excellent show featureing the exploits of the under-rated comic book characters Aquaman and Firestorm.

Back-From-The-Dead Award, for podcasts that returned after a much too-long hiatus.
Runners-up: Mad Money Machine, Authentic Life Radio (formerly The Full-Time Mom).
Winner: Super Future Friends, the funniest long-form comic book podcast out there! Glad to have Adrianna and Kristin back behind the microphones!

Gonna Miss You Award, for a show that ended in 2011.
Runners-up: Pete+Janet, SaintCast, Superman Fan Podcast
Winner: Amazing Spider-Man Classics. So sad to see this show go away, after 36 excellent episodes.


  1. I think the SaintCast will be back up this year! Dr. Paul had a very tough 2011 with losing his mom and starting a new job.

  2. I certainly hope so, Barb, both that Dr. Paul has a calmer 2012, and that he can get back into the swing of producing podcasts!

  3. OK Professor, I think I'm back for good. Hopefully I'll be a contender for the "Back from the Dead" category soon ;-)

  4. Nothing would make me happier, Dr. Paul!

  5. Alan - WOW! Thanks for awarding THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST "Best New Podcast of 2011"!!! We're trying really hard to keep the show entertaining! Glad you are digging it!

    Thanks again!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  6. So sorry to have to say good-bye, but winning the "Gonna Miss You" award means a lot to me! I hope you get the chance to listen to The New 52 Adventures of Superman and maybe that'll entertain a little in place of ASM Classics.

  7. Hey, thanks for the Fire and Water shout-out! We really appreciate it and plan to make the show better and better in 2012!

  8. Always the brides maid, never the bride.

    Thanks for mentioning FROM CRISIS TO CRISIS, though. Hopefully our Doomsday coverage will tip us over the ledge next year.

  9. Shag & Rob -- yeah, big fan of the new show -- I tweet it regularly. Keep up the good work!

    Jon -- Golden Age Superman was mentioned, too, and am a big fan of your podcasts. Thought the chemistry on ASM was very fun, and sorry it had to end.

    Michael -- I think FC2C was hurt by the other comics-related podcasts that won their categories, so the news & politics podcast probably got the benefit of the doubt.

    So what I'm saying is ... blame Shag and Jon.