Friday, December 2, 2011

Podcast marathon

Winter break from school + wife having appointment in evening = nothing but listening to podcasts all day long ... Yesterday I listened to these shows:

The Adam Carolla Show. This is the podcast equivalent of a radio morning show, complete with a news girl and sound effects. This episode featured comedian Dana Gould as guest.

. I am doing a re-listen project, going back through the episodes of this podfaded show, which covered canceled television shows. This was the classic "Birds of Prey" episode, the horrible TV show based on the very good DC comic book of the same name. Will and Aaron are good when they cover a good show, but they are great when they cover a horrible show. And very few TV shows were as horrible as "Birds of Prey."

The Tony Kornheiser Show. A daily sports (well, about half sports and half news and other sutff) show from the former Washington Post columnist and current PTI host, on ESPN. I listen to it more for the funny parts than for the sports talk.

No Agenda. The best podcast in the universe. Veteran magazine writer John C Dvorak and technology expert (and former MTV dude) Adam Curry talk about news and politics, usually in the ocntext of analyzing (assassinating, as they put it) media coverage. Probably my single favorite show.

From Crisis to Crisis. Episode 117 covered the Superman comics from November 1992. This show is the best long-form comic book podcast out there, and they are ramping up to a major Superman event (spoiler: when he dies). Totally looking forward to what Mike and Jeff have planned for those historic episodes.

Nerdist Writers Panel. As the name implies, this is a podcast that is a panel discussion of TV writers. This episode included the creators of the new shows Once Upon a Time and Ringers.

Death and the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke. This is part of the Two True Freaks podcast feed. This show is hosted by Scott Gardner, and follows the comic book exploits of the baddest man in the old West, Jonah Hex. This is an extremely well-produced podcast, with sound a score underlying Scott's recreations and dramatic readings from the story.

Katia & KylieMac. The girls have been talking about travel-related topics for the last month or so, and in this one they talked about cuisine. Cuisines from around the world are discussed, as well as the best food in the Paris, the girls' adopted home.

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