Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Summer Podcast Catch-up Project

Summers always give me extra time to listen to podcasts, as I have fewer of those pesky classes to worry about. Some years, I have embarked upon "re-listen" projects, working my way through classic shows like Axed or Super Future Friends. But this year, I realized that a number of new (and a few not so new) podcasts were out there that I hadn't ever listened, as well as few that I was woefully behind on. So I embarked upon a "Podcast Catch-up Project," getting myself caught up shows, old and new. Here were some:

Waiting for Doom -- This show has been around more than a year, but it took me a while to start listening. And over the summer, I got caught up. Paul and Mike do a great job talking about the adventures of the world's most unusual heroes. 

Doctor Who Dark Journey -- this is an audio drama podcast, telling an exciting story of the final incarnation of The Doctor, along with his companion Sherlock Holmes. We spoke with the writer/producer and lead actor of the series on a recent episode of the Book Guys Podcast

PXPPXP -- This show has a great concept. A group of friends look at important comic book stories (including the debuts of Wonder Woman, Robin & Ultron), acting out the action, page by page and panel by panel. 

Masters of Carpentry -- Noel Thingvall and Alexander Adrock (along with the occasional guest) are working their way through John Carpenter's filmogrpahy, with additional episodes covering related work in comic books. 

Radio Free GOP -- Longtime Republican campaign strategist Mark Murphy spends an hour each week surveying the latest news and updates from the campaign trail. From his fervently anti-Trump perspective, he tends to interview other members of the old-guard GOP establishment, preparing for 2020.

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman -- I'll be honest, this one wasn't that hard. It was only three episodes, less than 90 minutes total, but listening to Diabolu Frank talk about the Amazon Princess for any amount of time is always interesting. 

The Riverdale Podcast -- Archie super-fan Jonathan Merrifield has been doing this show for about 4 years, although I have only been listening since the start of 2016. But most shows are only 30-40 minutes, so catching up was a task I was able to accomplish. And as soon as I got caught up, Jonathan announced that he was bringing the podcast to a close. As of this post, there is only one episode left to be released. 

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