Monday, August 1, 2016

Podcast Guest Appearances

Over the course of this summer, I have been able to appear as a guest on a couple of terrific podcasts, hosted by a couple of terrific podcasters. There are a few more to be recorded and released in the near future, but here are two that recently came out.

On episode 63 of Pop Culture Affidavit, I joined Tom Panarese to discuss the topic documentaries. We talked about what makes for a good documentary, as well as whether this is a "golden age" of documentaries. We talked about a ton of movies, including The King of Kong, Capturing the Friedmans, Room 237, Searching for Vivian Maier, and Atari: Game Over.

On episode 20 of Pod Dylan, I joined Rob Kelly again to talk about another song from Bob Dylan's "born again" period. We spoke about his song "When He Returns," the final song on the album. It is a beautiful arrangement, and is one of Dylan's stronger vocal performances.

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