Saturday, May 9, 2015

This Week in Reading

Rumours of Glory (hc), by Bruce Cockburn, pages 42 - 102.
All Tomorrow’s Parties (ua), by William Gibson, COMPLETED. Reviewed here.
Paul & The Faithfulness of God (pb), by N.T. Wright, pages 321 - 350.

Alter Ego Magazine 126
Convergence Nightwing & Oracle 2
Convergence Question 2
Convergence Speed Force 2
Convergence Superman 2
Convergence Titans 2
Free Comic Book Day: Avengers
Free Comic Book Day: Captain Canuck
Free Comic Book Day: Doctor Who
Free Comic Book Day: Steampunk Goldilocks
History of the DC Universe, Book One
Justice League Dark 30 - 34
Justice League of America 188
Millie the Model 161

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