Sunday, May 24, 2015

Review of Lois Lane: Fallout

Book #19: Lois Lane: Fallout, by Gwenda Bond. Hardcover.

I read a Marvel YA novel a few years ago, so it seemed only fair to read this new DC-themed young adult novel, as well. I am not a genre-snob, and have enjoyed a wide range of YA novels over the years.

In this one, Army brat Lois Lane has been encouraged by her parents to try to make it work at this new school. Just this one time, they don’t want their daughter to rock the boat. But from her very first day at Metropolis High, Lois does everything EXCEPT keep a low profile.  She makes a few acquaintances at the new school, but her only true friend is the boy she’s only ever chatted with online, the mysterious SmallvilleGuy.

The plot of the novel is a bit “out there,” as it involves a immersive gaming technology that can control people’s minds, not just in the game but also when they disconnect. But I should not hold the plot of this novel to a different standard than I’d hold a comic book, so I was able to quickly buy into the conceit of the story. Any time technology plays a major role in a modern story, there are always questions about how “realistic” or “reasonable” the tech is, and Bond does a reasonable job grounding the more outlandish aspects of the story.

It is very easy to see how this teenage reporter can turn into the intrepid and tough journalist that she has been for more than half a century in the comics and movies. Most of the supporting characters in the novel are original, but the role played by Perry White (and of course Lois’ mysterious farmboy friend) placed the novel in enough of the comic book world to satisfy this old-time comic book reader.

This book is a fun read. It moves fast, and tells a light yet entertaining tale.

Source: public library

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