Monday, February 2, 2015

Review of Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

Book #5. Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way, by Pope John Paul II. Hardcover.

I have read a few of this Pope’s books before, and have always been impressed with his prose skill – or at least the prose skill of his translator! In particular,  Crossing the Threshold of Hope is a solid work of accessible Catholic theology.

This book was written specifically for bishops and other clergy. I am not a Catholic, so few of the Pope’s books are really written for me, but I am furthest from the target audience in this book. Parts of the book are specifically tailored to that audience. However, I found the combination of practical theology, pastoral advice, and personal reflections that make up most of the book to be interesting reading.

My favorite parts of the book are those where the Pope discusses his experiences working in Poland, as a priest, then a bishop. The struggles of the church against Communist authorities in Poland are interesting, and worth remembering.

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