Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review of Paris Match

Book #8. Paris Match, by Stuart Woods. Unabridged audio.

The latest Stone Barrington novel finds Stone in France, and there are people there who seem to want him dead. The best guess is that this is tied to the vendetta that a Russian businessman has against him. But if the conspiracy involves the family of his new Parisian girlfriend, how can he stay safe? This is a fast-paced action story that I enjoyed quite a bit.

The political scene in the US is merely background in this novel, but we learn that Kate Lee’s presidential run (and her pregnancy) are moving along well. Stone’s reputation with women is such that he is briefly rumored to be the father of Kate’s baby. That is a nice subplot, playing both into the longer Kate Lee subplot, while also referencing Stone’s reputation with the ladies.

The story ended on election night, but the results were not revealed. In addition to the plot of the election, the Mazharov plot seems to also be wrapped up. I appreciate that Woods has been bringing to a close certain arcs and storylines, while adding enough new elements to tell the story at hand.

As always, narrator Tony Roberts does a fine job bringing Woods’ characters to life.

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