Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review of Deadly Heat

Book #49. Deadly Heat, by "Richard Castle." Unabridged audio. 

I love what the producers of the TV show “Castle” have been doing. In every season of the TV show, the character Richard Castle has a new novel out, and during every summer, that novel is actually released.

As I have written before, in reviewing the prior three novels, that these novels are not adaptations of stories from the television series, but are “inspired” by events and characters that the character has faced on the show. It is a very interesting mix, and the author (whose actual identity is not widely known) does a fine job combining the light tone of the show and the serious mysteries that need to be solve.

Picking up where the prior book (reviewed here) left off, Deadly Heat continues Detective Heat’s search for justice for her mother’s murder. But a potential terrorist plot is complicating their efforts, especially since an ex-girlfriend of Rook is lead that branch of the investigation. Along the way, a serial killer is on the loose in New York City, and Nicki may be his next target. Add some incompetence (or maybe betrayal) in the police force, and this may be the toughest few weeks of her career.

For a novel featuring a pair of characters in a relationship, Rook & Heat do not spend a lot of time together in this book. And their relationship is one of the highlights of the series, so this lack definitely stood out. But the action plot and the character moments of the side characters make up for that lack.

I so miss the audio narration of Johnny Heller, who read the first four books in the series, but Robert Petkoff did a good enough job.

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