Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review of All-Star Western 22-26

All-Star Western, issues 22-26. Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, with art (mostly) by Moritat. DC Comics, cover-dated September 2013 – February 2014. 

When last we left this title, Jonah Hex had been thrown into the far future – well, he had been thrown into the present, but for him, that’s the far future. He finds another Dr, Arkham, this time Dr. Jeremiah. He sums up his ancestry at one point: “I know it sounds crazy, but after all that’s the Arkham family business.” And the relationship between the two is of course rocky, as Jonah punches the good Dcotor when he asks if Jonah was breast-fed.

Aspects of the old Gotham storyline have impact here. The fact that Jonah had made a deal with old man Wayne in centuries past brings Bruce Wayne into the story, and he offers the best legal representation money can offer to Hex, who desperately needs it after two issues of non-stop vigilantism in a modern world that doesn’t look to kindly on that.

He meets a modern-day version of Talullah Black (Gina Green), and at a “Burning Man” style event, his ability to see spirits draws the attention of John Constantine. Because where that much debauchery exists, demons are not far behind. One looks into Jonah’s soul and proclaims “what a glorious life of death you’ve lived.”

Issue 26 starts with a nice misdirect, making Jonah (and us) think that he has made it back to his own time. But it is just the result of the Black Mercy flower. Constantine calls on Swamp Thing to get Hex to the House of Secrets, the best chance he has of getting back to the 19th century. He is told the House is in Metropolis, and upon arriving there, finds himself on the bad side of Superman. Which is a pretty good cliffhanger for the next set of issues.

Source: My daughter and I have been purchasing these as they come out.

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