Friday, June 13, 2014

Review of The Athena Project

Book #21. The Athena Project, by Brad Thor. Unabridged audio.

This is my first Brad Thor novel. I have seen and heard him interviewed, and he seems like a fine fellow, and my father is a fan of his works, and I like thrillers, so ... I figured this book would work for me.

And it did.

The premise is simple: The first all-female Special Ops squad has been assembled, tasked to handle assignments where their genders provide an additional asset. In this case, they take down a leading arms dealer, which provides a lead as to a potential plot against the Denver airport. There are great action scenes, fun interaction between the "Athenas," bad Federal agents, Nazi science, and dangerous conspiracy theorists.

My only quibble is the inclusion in the novel of wild extrapolations of "transporter" science. There are two problems I have with this, actually. The science is presented in the novel as dating from the middle of the century, when in fact the little bit of real-world science upon which this is based is very recent. That would be fine inmost novels -- I understand that this is fiction. But te novel opens with a Dan Brown-style statement to the effect that all the science in the novel is real. Without that single line, I would have enjoyed the book even more than I did.

There is at least one sequel to this novel, and I anticipate adding it to my list, as well as looking into other of Thor's work.

source: public library.

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