Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Between Audiobooks (5)

I have written before of my habit of listening to a few episodes of PodCastle or Escape Pod in between audiobooks -- short story palate cleansers between novels. I am still waaaay behind (12 months!) on these podcasts), so I listened to a bunch of Podcastles last week, just after The Athena Project. I listened to these episodes:

PodCastle 234: The Tricks of London, by Elizabeth Bear. A terrific long short-story by a terrific novelist.

PodCastle 238: Sleep and Wake, by Holli Mintzer. A fairy tale retelling, this time of Sleeping Beauty, and what happens when she is awakened in New York City after a century-long slumber. A very sweet story, truth be told.

PodCastle 239: Catching the Spirit, by Heather Shaw. A predictable Christmas story about how giving is good and capitalist commercialism is bad.

PodCastle 240: Seeking Caption Random, by Vylar Kaftan. Looking for the person of one's dreams is different from looking for the person of one's dream.

PodCastle 241: Everything You Were Looking For, by Samantha Henderson.A heartbreaking story of love, loss, and earthquakes.

PodCastle 242: A Memory of Wind, by Rachel Swirsky.Distinctive mostly because it is written in second person.

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