Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thank you, Dinner 4 Geeks!

The podcast Dinner 4 Geeks is truly a one-of-a-kind show. The four hosts, Scott, Ron, and the other two, meet weekly at a restaurant in or around Brunswick, Georgia, and record their conversations. Sometimes there is a sort-of agenda or plan, sometimes there isn't. But what comes out is always interesting.

Well, in episode 57, they did their annual Wookie Award episode. In addition to soliciting listener feedback for the best things that happened in 2014, the 4 geeks also related their favorites. In addition to saying very nice things about the podcasting venture that my daughter and I got going last year, they also mentioned this blog in particular as one of their favorite places on the Web!

In addition to that, both Scott and Ron have said nice things about our podcasts on Facebook, as well. Ron has even sent us email feedback that we have read on the show.

Thanks, fellas.

Go check them out at the Two True Freaks website or via iTunes. It's a fun show, with conversations covering a diverse range of things that fall under the broad category of "geeky."

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