Friday, March 28, 2014

Podcast Guest Appearances

Members of my little podcast network (me and m daughter) have been busy appearing as guest on other people's shows. Check these ones out:

I appeared as a guest on episode 141 of Back to the Bins, where I talked about the excellent private investigator comic book The Maze Agency.

Emily and I both appeared on episode 143 of Back to the Bins, where I talked about an issue of Doom 2099 (maybe my favorite comic series of all time), and she talked about the first issue of Corum, a tie-in comic to the Michael Moorcock fantasy novels.

Emily then went out on her own, and appeared on Michael Bradley's excellent Superman & Batman podcast, in which they talked about the legendary (for better and worse) Saga of the Super-Sons, on episode 13 of that show.

And she is going to appear on another podcast soon, as well.

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