Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book #44: Guild of the Cowry Catchers, book 4

Guild of the Cowry Catchers, volume 4, by Abigail Hilton. Unabridged audio, full cast.

This fourth volume of the Cowry Catcher epic (subtitled "Out of the Ashes") picks up where the prior volume left off.  I have reviewed the prior book here.

Gerard and Silveo believe that have made peace with their pasts, and the state of their relationship, but time will tell how accurate their assessments are. The pair expected to leave Wefrivain for a new life. However, an unexpected cry for help brought them and their newfound pirate friends back home. In order to help the fauns, they need to circulate Gwain’s forbidden book. Hilton has used selections from the book as chapter introductions throughout the series, so seeing the book make an appearance in the plot was a nice touch.
Gwain himself has already given up the task as hopeless, but Silveo and Gerard disagree. They know where a printing press is located, but liberating it will be just the start of a dangerous adventure. I like that he has been brought into the story as an active character.

I enjoyed the adventure of the first two volumes more than the more relationship-based drama of the last two volumes. But the final scene of this volume gives me hope that the action will be turned back up in the fifth and final volume.
Source: Guild of the Cowry Catchers podcast. There are many versions of this book, including a beautifully illustrated one.

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