Saturday, August 17, 2013

Between Audiobooks (2)

I used to have a habit of listening to a few episodes of PodCastle or Escape Pod in between audiobooks -- short story palate cleansers between novels. But I noticed that it had been a while since I had listened to short fiction (I'm about 9 months behind on these podcasts), so I listened to a bunch of Escape Pods a few weeks ago, in between Free and The Big Cat Nap. I listened to these episodes:

362: Contamination, by Jay Workiser. The problems that long-term space travel have on diplomacy.

363: Flowing Shapes, by Rajan Khanna. Learning the skill of shape-shifting.

364: Techno-Rat, by Brad Hafford. High-tech car thieves versus high-tech cop

365. The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Jay Caselberg. Interplanetary cultural exchange, of the sexy-time variety.

366. Some of Them Closer, by Marissa Lingen. A terra-former returns from space to her home in Montreal, to find things changed just enough for her to not fit in.

367. Lion Dance, by Vylar Kaftan. Chinese New Year in a flu-ravaged future.

368. Springtime for Deathtraps, by Marjorie James. Tales of the legendary death-trap builders. A true locked-door mystery.

369. Passengers, by Robert Silverberg. Being able to jump into another’s body sounds cool; but what about those whose bodies get jumped into?

370. The Care and Feeding of Mamalian Bipeds, v 2.1, by M Darusha When. A robotic view of human dynamics and interactions.

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