Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Guys Update!

Check out our new website, which contain the videos for the shows (also on YouTube), as well as book-related links.

In episode #72, we talked with the excellent Paul O'Connor from Longbox Graveyard, and Brian Brushwood from Scam School and NSFW.   We talked about the digital world, the app economy, old-school comic books, and Moby Dick.

My eye surgery kept me away from the next two episodes, but they were pretty good nonetheless:

In episode #73, mystery writer Pat Flewelling joined the team. They also talked about with Colleen Hillerup of the Doctor Who convention, Reversed Polarity.

In episode #74, Paul and Sir Jimmy were joined by Bill Meeks of Meeks Mixed Media. They talked about which tablets are better for which functions, lots of book news, and related stuff!

We are scheduled to talk to author R.E. McDermott soon, as well as some guys from Comixology -- stay tuned!

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