Saturday, April 20, 2013

Between Audiobooks

I used to have a habit of listening to a few episodes of PodCastle or Escape Pod in between audiobooks -- short story palate cleansers between novels. But I noticed that it had been a while since I had listened to short fiction (I'm about 9 months behind on these podcasts), so I listened to a bunch of Escape Pods last weekend, in between Time Travelers Strictly Cash and The Bone Bed. I listened to these episodes:

347. Next Time, Scales, by John Moran. Read by Josh Roseman. Body-swapping, space cops, and lizard girls. 'nuff said.

348. Nemesis, by Nathaniel Lee. Read by Matt Weller. When a middle-school superhero's best friend discovers a new source of power, he has a choice to make. Will he become a sidekick, or become an enemy?
349. Origin, by Ari Goelman. Read by Veronica Giguere. When a superhero's girlfriend becomes pregnant, many questions arise. And when the doctor is a reformed enemy, even more questions arise.

350. Observer Effects, by Tim Pratt. Read by A Kovacs. The third of a three-episode series about super-powered beings, this one also  touches on the effects of universal surveillance.
351. 113 Feet, by Josh Roseman. Read by Mur Lafferty. A father disappears in a bizarre diving accident, and his notes reflect that he may have found a portal to another land. His daughter makes it her life's mission to find him, wherever or whenever he may be.

352. Food For Thought, by Laura Lee McArdle. Read by Christiana Ellis. Talking cows and time-traveling reality TV. 'nuff said.
353. Talking to the Enemy, by Don Webb. Read by John Mireau. In order to negotiate an end to the war, some attempt to become like the enemy. But how far is too far?

354. The Caretaker, by Ken Liu. Read by Tom Rockwell (Devo Spice). The robot seems too human -- do you want to find out just how human the robot is?

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