Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Podcast Marathon

No classes to teach yesterday + Wife out in the evening = Listening to a ton of podcasts!  Here is what I heard:

The New 52 Adventures of Superman: Michael Bailey joined regular co-hosts J David Weter, Jon Wilson, and Michael Kaiser to talk about Action Comics 5, the origin issue for the New 52 Superman.

The Tony Kornheiser Show: Sports and pop culture from Washington, DC.

The Nerdist: I heard the live episode from Minneapolis, with guest Tim Meadows.

Satellite Sisters: 5 real-life sisters, talking about their lives and bunches of other stuff, too.

Sword & Laser: Episode 99 -- only one away from 100!

Hypothetical Help: Funny podcast veterans Scott Johnson and Mark (The Turpster) Turpin dispensing very hypothetical life advice.

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