Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book #26

The Litigators, by John Grisham. Unabridged audio.

David Zinc, A young lawyer at a prestigious firm has a panic attack, quits his job, gets drunk, and stumbles (literally) into a low-end, two-person firm that specializes in ambulance chasing (literally).

Once there, the firm gets involved in a mass-tort case, against a huge pharmaceutical firm. This is supposed to be a slam-dunk, where they will rake in big bucks from a settlement with the many injured person who have taken the drug. As the book wears on, both the legal case and the legal firm begin to unravel, and Zinc ends up litigating what looks like a losing case against a high-priced and highly-skilled opponent.

This one covers similar ground as some of Grisham's prior novels, but since he has written some two dozen legal thrillers, that is bound to happen.  And there are enough differences to keep the plot unpredictable and the suspense mounting, both in the legal case and in Zinc's own character development.

The ending is satisfying. The case, the law firm, Zinc and the other characters all end up in places that make sense, given how the novel progressed.

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