Saturday, March 3, 2012


This is a 140-character-at-a-time conversation I recently had with Paul the Book Guy, host of the excellent Book Guys podcast.

Paul: Hey Alan, long time no tweet! What are you reading or listening to?

Alan: I just listened to a super hero (Green Lantern) audio. GraphicAudio has turned lots of DC stories into full-casts dramas.

Can you send me some links to the ones you liked. Sounds like something I'd love!

Alan: It does seem right up your alley!

Paul: I read and listen to it all...but I haven't really spent much time reading super hero books or audio dramas...

Alan: Comic books have been mentioned on your podcast before, if my memory serves.

Paul: Oh yes, we loves us some comic books! :) It's either Dickens or Dick Tracy, but its always books. :)

Alan: and there's nothing wrong with a grown man admitting that!

Paul: lol, yes! We call them graphic novels now, but they're still just comic books.

Cceck out his podcast -- it is excellent. They talk about books (even comic books), audio books, audio dramas, and podcasts.

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