Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Podcast marathon

Spring break from school + wife having appointment in evening + not much on the DVR = nothing but listening to podcasts all day long ... Yesterday I listened to these shows:

No Agenda. Finishing up one that I started yesterday. This is the best podcast in the universe. Veteran tech and business reporter John C Dvorak and technology pioneer (and former MTV v-jay) Adam Curry talk about news and politics, usually in the context of analyzing media coverage of these events. Probably my single favorite show, recorded every Sunday & Thursday.

The Babble On Project. British people re-watching the great SciFi show Babylon 5. This episode, #23, comes in at 2-and-a-half hours. This is well worth the time spent, as they cover the last 2 episodes of Season 2.

The Tony Kornheiser Show. A daily sports show (well, about half sports and half other stuff) from the former Washington Post columnist and current PTI host, on ESPN TV. March Madness is one of the times of the year that is heaviest on actual sports talk.

The Book Guys Show. Paul the Book Guy and his cohorts talk book news, book reviews, podcasts & audio books, etc ... I am a big fan of this show, especially since I WILL BE A GUEST CO-HOST on next week's episode!

The Social Hour. Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane talking about social media stuff. Good info. This episode featured an interview with Guy Kawasaki, who is a huge fan of Google Plus.

The Mighty Thorcast. A husband-and-wife team talking about the Marvel comic book character Thor. In episode 44, they cover classic issues 172 & 173, and new issue 11.

The Doctor's Companion. Scott Carelli and Matt Smith (not that Matt Smith) talking about classic Doctor Who episodes. When the show is running new episodes, they cover those. In this latest episode they cover a boring, 6-part Patrick Troughton story called "The Ice Warriors." I may have fallen asleep listening to them recount the plot.

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