Thursday, December 8, 2016

Podcast Marathon

A day with no classes = a day to listen to podcasts. Here is what I listened to yesterday:

The Tony Kornheiser Show, 12/7. This used to be a radio show, but has moved recently to a podcast-only format. The former sportswriter and current ESPN TV host talks about sports, current events, and his own personal life.

Men in Blazers 12/6. A pair of British ex-pats talk about the going-on in Premiereship soccer.

3rd Degree Byrne, episode 13. Brian and Tim counted down their top 5 stories from comic book creator John Byrne. There was too much Fantastic Four talk for my taste, and not nearly enough Doctor Doom ;O)

Jaig Eyes and Jedi: Phantom Menace. After covering 2 seasons of the animated Star Wars Rebels series, host Hope and Chris recorded and very entertaining and interesting commentary of the first Star Wars prequel film.

The Tolkien Professor: SilmFilm Session 2-15: Host Corey Olsen and his compatriots continued their discussions of the Silmarillion TV show that they are fantasy-producing.

Salty Cinema #1. This is a new podcast I just discovered. Host Jacob Kindberg interviewed author / filmmaker / professor Craig Detweiler about the future of film education, mentoring young artists, and breaking into th screenwriting business.

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