Thursday, November 10, 2016

Review of The Last Quarry

Book 40. The Last Quarry, by Max Allan Collins. Unabridged audio.
This is the first book I’ve read featuring Collins’ trained killer character, Quarry. Quarry was a professional killer, but has now disappeared into his well-deserved retirement. But he finds himself unable to remain aloof when he sees an injustice occur. This character trait brings him into the orbit of a media magnate.
The magnate eventually lures Quarry out of retirement. The killer acknowledges that “one last job” stories never end well, but nonetheless takes the gig. But when he stakes out his target, he wonders what trouble could be caused by this seemingly-harmless woman. His target is a cute small-town librarian with whom he begins an ill-advised relationship.
About two-thirds of the way through the story, I thought I knew where it was going, and that we’d spend the rest of the story seeing Quarry turn the tables on his employer. But a great plot twist occurs at this point, totally changing the direction of the rest of the novel.
This was a thoroughly enjoyable detective story, a quick hard-boiled read that delivered exactly what it promised.
Source: Hoopla

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