Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Podcast Milestones!

I noticed that a number of podcasts that I listen to have recently hit major "big round number" milestones. Including.

Father Roderick, the "podcasting priest" from Holland, recently celebrated the 1000th espiode of his podcast "The Break." In the time since his first episode nearly a decade ago, he has developed his SQPN organization into a network that

The terrific film criticism (not movie review) podcast Battleship Pretension is fast approaching it's 500th episode. Hosts Tyler Smith and David Bax have continually produced thought-provoking and interesting episodes for nearly ten years.

Episode 200 of the Danger Room podcast is coming soon. At this point, Adam and Jeremy have reviewed and commented upon every issue of the X-Men from #1 (form 1964) to #192 (form 1985). They have also talked about other mutant books, such as Dazzler.

My good friends from across the pond, Stephen and Andy, have been producing the excellent Fantasticast podcast for 4 years. They had exercised the poor judgment to have me on a few episode on the show, as well as having my podcast partner and daughter Emily on a few times. But they have overcome those questionable decisions, and episode #200 is scheduled to come out in a few days.

About a month ago, the Strangers & Aliens podcast released their 200th episode. The hosts counted down their 200 favorite stories, 50 each from books, movies, TV, & comics -- and they included listener suggestions, including one from yours truly. The episode was so long that they split it into two parts, and each one was a good listen.

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