Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review of The Dragon Token

Book #31: The Dragon Token, by Melanie Rawn. Paperback.
This is the second novel of Rawn’s Dragon Star trilogy. This is the follow-up trilogy to Dragon Prince, making it the 5th of 6 books set in this world. It has been a long time sinceI read the prior novel, Stronghold, reviewed here, but I was glad to spend a lot of time this summer journeying back to the land of deserts, princes, and dragons.
At the end of the prior novel, our lead character for four novels was killed in battle. This novel deals with the aftermath of this loss, for his family, his armies, his allies, and his enemies. Rohan’s son Pol becomes High Prince, but is uncertain of his abilities to be the leader that his father was. He has to prove himself, not just to his military leaders and the enemy swarm, but to the other princes, as well.
Rawn does a great job balancing the multiple storylines, as we bounce back and forth between a number of locations, seeing the effects of war from a range of perspectives. The movements of troops and descriptions of battles are clear, and the scenes are describing in gripping ways. She manages to strike a balance between the action scenes and character development. Tensions are building, and I want to know how the epic wraps up. I expect that I won’t let as much time pass before picking up the next book, as I did before reading this one.
These are books to consider picking up if you’re wondering what fantasy epic to read before the next George RR Martin tome comes out, if it ever does. These novels are nowhere near as intense as The Song of Ice and Fire in terms of violence or other content, but the series have many elements in common.
Source: A student gave me the six novels that comprise both the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

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